509 Goggle Hard Case (Sharkskin)

SKU: B-1524-F02010600-000-201
Size: One Size
Color: Sharkskin
This item is in NEW, NEVER USED condition just missing tags and repacked.

Extend the life of your mirrored goggle lenses with the all new 509 Universal Goggle Hard Case. This rigid, durable hard case will literally pay for itself in very short order. There is nothing more damaging to a set of mirrored lenses than throwing them into your gear bag unprotected. Fact is most lens scratches happen will your goggles are not even being used: In your gear bag, back seat of your truck, in the trunk of your sled, etc. Our new hard case solves these problems and greatly increases the life span of your lenses.

•Durable and protective design
•Storage pockets for 3 replacement lens
•Fits one pair of goggles