Cardo PackTalk Bold JBL Bluetooth Headset

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The world’s best motorcycle Mesh & Bluetooth Communications System.

1-15 Riders up to 8km (5mi)
Universal Bluetooth connectivity
FM radio, full phone connectivity
Charge while riding
Automatic volume control, Mobile conferencing, Music & Radio sharing, GPS, Music streaming
Natural Voice Operation
Dual core technologies (DMC/Bluetooth)
Connectivity with two Bluetooth mobile devices, VOX, Parallel audio streaming, Cardo Connect App (iOS/Android)
Intercom bike-to-bike range: Up to 1.6Km (1mi)
Hybrid & Corded interchangeable microphones
Intercom overall range: Up to 8Km (5mi)
40mm JBL Interchangeable speakers
Battery capacity: 850mha
Bluetooth 4.1 / Mesh 5.0
Battery operations: 13hrs/1 week talk-time/standby
IP67 Waterproof