Cardo PackTalk Slim JBL Bluetooth Headset

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PACKTALK SLIM is a communicator of no compromises. It let’s you focus on your ride without worrying about Bluetooth group connectivity, or obscure buttons. Just tell it what you want – it will do the rest, and stay connected. Its that simple. With DMC® on-board, PACKTALK SLIM is the world’s most advanced communicator, connecting up to 15 riders to an overall distance of up to 6 Km (3.8mi.). From sheer performance, to human engineering, to software design, to an endless list of every imaginable feature – nothing comes close, or looks as good.

FM radio, full phone connectivity
Charge while riding
Automatic volume control, Mobile conferencing, Music & Radio sharing, GPS, Music streaming
Connectivity with two Bluetooth mobile devices, VOX, Parallel audio streaming, Cardo Connect App (iOS/Android)
40mm JBL Interchangeable speakers
Battery capacity: 850mha
Bluetooth 4.1 / Mesh 5.0
Battery operations: 13hrs/1 week talk-time/standby
IP67 Waterproof