GIVI DLM30A 30 liter Monokey Aluminum Case

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SKU: B-1213-DLM30A
Size: 30 Liter
Color: Silver

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This case is in USED condition with some scratches and had a reflective sticker removed. Please refer to pictures for more detail.

The GIVI DLM30A Trekker Dolomiti is a 30L box that can be used as either a top or side case. GIVI fabricates this case using hybrid die stamped aluminum and secures all the pieces using stainless steel rivets. Left with the natural aluminum finish this box is rugged, waterproof and perfect for the adventure motorcycle rider. The rounded shape is not just a style choice; smoother surfaces and angles can significantly improve the safety of the rider and anybody around them. This piece of luggage can be used as a top or side case. To use the DLM30A as a top case; you will need to purchase one of the GIVI FZ series, GIVI SR series or other compatible top rack and a corresponding GIVI Monokey adapter plate. If this box is used a side case you will require a GIVI PL, GIVI PLR or other suitable side racks.

Dimensions: Height 240mm x Depth