Givi Easy-T 5L Tank Bag

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SKU: EA123
Size: 5 Liter
Color: Black

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The Givi EA123 Tank Bag is a small tank bag universally suitable for just about any bike. It's perfect for stashing day trip essentials like snacks and sunglasses.

The Givi TankLock system for tank bags promotes the elimination of all kinds of straps, or magnetic limpets, previously used to fasten the bag to the bike. Thanks to a small ring that is installed on the tank cap, incorporated with the unique structure of the base of the bag, the bag can now be attached by simply aligning it to the ring and pressing lightly until you hear the classic "click."

Equally easy is the removal of the bag; to release it you can just pull the red lever located in the base. Mounting rings are sold separately.

• 600D PU construction
• Rain-cover
• Shoulder-bag
• 26cm L x 20cm W x 10cm H (10.2" L x 7.9" W x 3.9" H)
• 5 liter capacity

**Note: The Easylock fitting system requires a Givi Bike Specific Flange (sold separately).