Givi OBKN37BPACK2A 37Ltr Outback Pair Side Cases - Black

$800.00 $991.00
Size: Pair Right/Left Sides
Color: Black
This NEW item has been repackaged because the original box was damaged in transit.

Travel the world confidently and comfortably with the rugged good looks of the Givi 37L Trekker Outback Aluminum Sidecase. Designed with an emphasis on security, comfort and strength, the Givi 37L Trekker Outback Aluminum Sidecase is ideal for the adventure motorcyclist who is looking for a rugged and great looking, long-distance enduro touring pannier.

Aluminum construction.
Utilizes new Monokey CAM-Side, 4-point fitting system.
Not compatible with Monokey fitting systems.
Dimensions 495mm (19.5in) L x 246mm (9.7in) W x 387mm (15.3in) H.
37 Liter capacity.
Available in Silver or Black finish.
Maximum load 22lbs.
Capacity is unsuitable for internal helmet storage.
For keyed-alike left & right pannier pairs:Select Givi Trekker Outback 37L Left & Right Pair Aluminum Sidecases or Givi Trekker Outback 48L Left & Right Pair Aluminum Sidecases.