Givi OBKN58A Outback Silver Top Case 58 Liter

$450.00 $594.00
SKU: B-1201-OBKN58AA
Size: 58 Liter
Color: Silver
This case is in NEW, NEVER USED condition but there are some minor scratches from shipping. Camera is unable to see scratches, but are visible by eye.

The Outback Trekker is the first case from GIVI made entirely of aluminum. Outback Trekker has all the features to give a comfortable driving experience and an unprecedented ease of use. They are designed with excellent resistance to shocks and the stresses of off-road driving.

The Trekker Outback ensures safety, comfort and great practicality. A single key operates the systems for opening and closing of the case as well as the mechanism for hooking and unhooking them from the motorcycle. The Trekker Outback Top Case does not require any special rack, and it can be attached on any existing Monokey plate.

• Holds two full face or modular helmets
• Dimensions: 555mm W x 323mm H x 454mm L (21.8" W x 12.7" H x 17.9" L)
• Capacity: 58 liters
• Max load: 10 kg
• Optional passenger backr