GIVI Polyurethane Back Pad for Monokey TRK33N/TRK46N Trekker - Black E118

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SKU: E118
Size: One Size
Color: Black

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High-density black rubber backrest for the Givi Trekker cases. To further enhance the riding experience when carrying a top trunk with a passenger, GIVI offers a specific back pad. This pad is profiled to fit the contours of its specific trunk and gives added comfort to your passenger. This back-rest pad is designed for the GIVI Trekker cases. The Givi E118 Backrest Pad is designed to fit the Givi 33L and 46L Tekker top cases and mounts using the included studs and nuts. Installation will require minor drilling of the top case using the supplied paper template. Passenger comfort results may vary based on motorcycle profile, passenger size, and top case positioning.