Givi V46NT Tech 46 liter Monokey Motorcycle Top Case

$265.00 $324.00
SKU: B-1231-V46NT
Size: 46 Liter
Color: Black w/Smoked Lenses
This case is in NEW, NEVER USED condition but there are some minor scratches from shipping. Please refer to the pictures.

The Givi V46NT Tech Top case with its improved Monokey latch system is one of the largest top cases currently available from Givi. The differences between the Tech and standard versions of the cases are the color of the lenses and buttons. The V46 is equipped with an improved Monokey latch system that allows the case to be opened, closed, locked, and removed single-handedly with only one key. The case locks both closed and to the rack. Easily holds two full-face helmets and will hold most 17" laptop cases or medium briefcases. Compatible with Givi, Five Stars, and SW-Motech luggage racks. 46-liter capacity. Designed for use as a top case only.
Volume: 46 liters
Max load: 10 kg. [approx. 22 pounds]
Dimension: 320 X 430 X 565 mm