Hertz HMR 10 Digital Media Reciever

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Size: HMR10
Color: Black

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HMR 10 is ideal for boat enthusiast who want a great sound on board with a reduced gauge installation. With two pairs of high quality stereo outputs, a screen readable at all times and a generous marine-grade control panel, it will be a breeze to control your favorite playlist on USB or Bluetooth© streaming for maximum fun in water.

1. Hertz Pure Marine Certified Product stamp featuring the IP65 protection grade, ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance and ASTM-B117 for salt fog operability.
2. Easily readable screen.
3. PLL True Marine Radio with multi-format reception FM/AM/WB and automatic memory storage.
4. Wide range of media playbacks including Bluetooth streaming and control, USB playback and analog AUX IN.
5. Equalizer featuring 3 presets (CLASSIC / POP / ROCK).
6. Loudness control.
7. Fits in Gauge Opening.