Klock Werks Flare for 1996-2013 FLH (8.5" Tint)

$169.95 $199.95
SKU: B-1113-KW_2310-0273
Size: 8.5 Inch
Color: Tint
This shield is in NEW, NEVER USED condition without tags but there are some blemishes from mounting. Once mounted, blemishes will be covered up. Please refer to pictures for more detail.

The innovative design features "hips" at the outer edge of the shield that re-route the air to add downforce to the front of the bike, improving stability vs riding with a stock shield/ The "flip" at the top of the Flare™ is designed to kick the air up and back as "clear", less turbulent air for the rider and passenger. Made from hard-coated polycarbonate material for added durability.

• In most cases, Klock Werks recommends you choose a Flare™ size that you can look over comfortably. • Black color versions are opaque and cannot be seen through. These may not be suitable for shorter riders. • Windshield bags WILL work with our Flare™. Traditional three-pouch windshield bags work with the 8.5" and 11.5" Flare™ Windshields.