PowerBass 3XL Series Subwoofers

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Making our best even better is what our engineers accomplished for the newly redesigned 3XL subwoofer series. Combining a new bold look with the innovation that the 3XL series is known for, PowerBass created our most accomplished High Output Subwoofer to date. The 3XL series have been designed to withstand the extreme heat the new generation Class “D” create. Class “D” amplifiers heat up the woofers voice coil two to three times hotter and faster than a conventional class A/B amplifier. This calls for Xtreme measures and special parts to classify these as a true “Class D Subwoofer”. But hey, this is PowerBass. We have it under control. 3XL Subwoofers are available in 12” and 15” sizes in either dual 1-Ohm or dual 2-Ohm versions to maximize your amplifiers power.