Tobe Vapor Heated Goggle

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Foggy goggles. We’ve all dealt with them. They can be anything from an annoyance to a major safety hazard, but one thing is true across the board: They suck! The TOBE Vapor goggle gets rid of fog, fast. They use TOBE ForgeTM heated lens technology, designed to combat fog with the press of a button. TOBE Vapor goggle features a battery powered heated lens, designed and constructed to operate at just the right temperature so the lens is heated evenly without creating any uncomfortable hot spots on your face. A high capacity battery pack with 3500 mAh makes sure they last the whole day. The internal rechargeable battery is designed to be easily switched out on the go.

• Easy to use modes that can be toggled while riding: Single press - Heat for 2min, Double press - Continuous heat, Long press - Turn off