Tobe Vivid V2 Mono Suit

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Winter is not for everyone, but we are a unique breed. Some of us stand on running boards, others in bindings, but we all share the same fundamental needs when it comes to outlasting the elements. We crave function, simplicity, quality and most of all, performance.
The Vivid series is the answer we’ve been seeking. Inspired from our time spent on snowmobiles, skis and snowboards, often in the same day, we are proud to present our most functional and versatile Vivid Mono Suit yet.
New for V2, we’ve re-engineered the design to make this ski, snowboard and snowmobile mono suit our best regular-fit silhouette yet. Vivid V2 is a regular-fit mono suit, which means it has a loose fit from head-to-toe to easily accommodate layering and internal protective equipment.

• 100% windproof
• 100% waterproof
• Optimal breathability
• Armortex® Kevlar on knees, inner calf, leg cuff