Pure Adrenaline Men's Homer Series Insulated Snowmobile Gloves w/3M Water Resistant J-type Thinsulate

SKU: 726202101950
Insulated Glove is specifically designed to provide the warmth needed for high-speed exposure while still allowing the dexterity needed for technical riding. The least active fingers (ring and little fingers) enjoy the warmth of a shared compartment, while the index and middle fingers can move independently. The ‘Homer’ name is inspired by the ‘thumb + three digit’ design which mimics the hand of many animated characters. It also refers to the set of warm gloves many riders use on the fast trail rides into the backcountry and back “Home.”
• Unique “Cartoon” (Thumb + Three Digit) Design allows for Warmth AND Dexterity
• Waterproof, Breathability, and Water repellant performance from goat leather and layered shell
• 3M Water Resistant Thinsulate™ Insulation w/focused functional placement (J200 and J60)
• Lo-Loft fleece on the palm for greater feel/grip and Hi-Loft liner on the backhand for warmth and comfort
• Curved/Articulated finger construction