509 Aviator 2.0 Fuzion Flow Goggle

SKU: F02006700-000-001
Color: Black with Yellow
For riders who work hard in the backcountry, we put every anti-fog weapon we’ve got in the revolutionary new 509 Aviator 2.0 Fuzion Flow Goggle. With the optical clarity of a toric lens shape and 5MAG magnetic lens system, the Aviator 2.0 is already a first in powersports. But what sets the Fuzion Flow model apart is industry-first lens technology that fuses Super Anti-Fog inner and outer lenses into one optically clear view, then adds high-flow venting to eliminate fogging.

• FLOW venting in lens, and in frame
• Soft goggle frame for unparralled comfort and fit
• Hard lens frame insures an optimal fit, and a great sealing with 5MAG Lens Retention System
• OTG, Over The Glasses, compatible
• Flow venting in Lens, and in frame
• Easily replace lens on the trail for varying conditions
• Improved tints, low light, and contrast improving technologies including polarized, photochromatic also available

Fuzion Flow Yellow Tint - Cloudy, Low Light