509 Delta V Ignite Snowmobile Helmet

SKU: F01012300-120-001
Sit down, buckle in, the Delta V Ignite Helmet ride is more comfortable, quiet, and technology packed than you have ever experienced in a full face helmet. For high speeds, frigid temps, and long trails, this helmet is built with dual EPS for durable protection, a luxurious liner, and with our secret ingredient: the IGNITE heated visor. With a 12-volt power input compatible with our 10-hour power Ignite system and Venturi Venting you will have a fog-free view without letting cold in, this helmet is ready for the longest days in the harshest conditions on trail.

• Powered helmet - 12-volt power input on left side powers shield, chase light and ∆ V light
• Compatible with 509 12-volt Power Pack System for up to 10 hours of riding
• DOT/ECE 22.06 certified shell
• Venturi Venting System creates negative pressure to pull moisture from helmet breath box
• Ignite only style helmets do not have chase light/Delta V light
• Intermediate oval fit in SM to 3XL sizing