509 R-Series Protective Liner

SKU: F12000100-130-000
Combine the 509 R-Series Protective Liner with your 509 R-200 Jacket for stealth CE Level 1 certified chest, back, and shoulder protection. Low-profile with Powerstretch in key zones, it ups your defense without feeling like you’re locked inside a suit of armor. What sets this padding apart is non-Newtonian fluid that reacts upon impact while remaining more flexible, comfortable, and lighter weight than protection of the past.

• CE Level 1 certified front Chest protection
• CE Level 1 certified Back protection
• CE Level 1 certified Shoulder protection
• Powerstretch holds Pads in place
• 200 gram fleece insulation in arms
• 200 gram brushed fleece collar for comfortable layering and a good seal