509 Sinister X7 Fuzion Flow Snow Goggle

SKU: F02012700-000-002
The 509 Sinister X7 Fuzion Flow Goggle is ready to evolve the way you ride. With a quick-change magnetic lens system, wide field-of-view, cylindrical no fog lenses, frame shuttered venting for even more airflow, and removable outriggers, these goggles are ready to handle a wide range of weather and snow conditions.

• 5MAG lens retention system
• Fuzion Lens Technology
• Soft goggle frame for unparalleled comfort and fit
• Hard lens frame insures an optimal fit, and a great sealing with 5MAG Lens Retention System
• OTG, Over The Glasses, compatible
• Shuttered Venting in frame scoop air in or closes off flow
• Easily replace lens for varying conditions
• Improved tints, low light, and contrast improving technologies including polarized, HCS, and photochromatic also available