DSG Outerwear Craze 4.0 Drop Seat Bib

$199.99 $249.99
SKU: DSG_51713
Size: 5X-Large
Color: Black
If you are looking for a fixed insulation snowmobile bib/pant that is warm, affordable, stylish, and functional, this is your piece!   Craze Outerwear has been in DSG’s lineup since the beginning and has a proven history of quality and comfort. Our women's bib snow pants are perfect for weekend trips to the snowmobiling cabin to enjoy the sport with your family and friends.  When you take a break at your local lunch or dinner spot, you will not stick out as a snowmobiler and will blend right in.   The Craze bib/pant has subtle branding by design and feels terrific once it is tried on. These stylish women's bib ski pants fit true to size. This snow pant will impress!