Givi ALA36APACK2 36LTR Alaska Cases Pair

$594.00 $660.00
Size: 36 Liter
Color: Black
Pair of MONOKEY Trekker Alaska side cases with a natural aluminum finish, 36 ltr, equipped with matching lock cylinders plus a third matching lock cylinder for mounting a separate top-case. Equipped with the MONOKEY fitting system, with a single lock that uses the same key to open the case and to detach it from the frame. Compatible with the tubular side-case holders PL_ _ _, PLR_ _ _, PLO_ _ _, PLOR_ _ _. Aluminum Trekker Alaska side cases are entirely Made in Italy, from an original and patented design.
• The cases are detached from the side frame by turning an external knob that is equipped with a cable system (patent pending), placed directly under the Security Lock.
• Hook system (patent pending) allowing it to be tilted without releasing it completely from the frame.
• Four belt-strap loops integrated into the structure of the lid, set into the contoured lid to give an elegant shape to the whole case