Givi Alaska Cases 56Ltr

$495.90 $551.00
Featuring the world’s most widespread fixing system, MONOKEY, which allows for a single lock to open and release the plate with the same key. Compatible with all Monokey plates, apart from those with the stop light kit connection.
• WIRELEASE® SYSTEM: the cases are released from the plate by turning an external knob that is equipped with a cable system (Patented), placed directly under the Security Lock.
• Two handles placed on the back of the top case, which are also integrated with the strong hinges on the lid.
• Set up to allow the attachment of a backrest (available for separate purchase) using screws, without the need to pierce or attach any component with adhesive.
• Rivets fitted with gaskets and sealed using silicone, to ensure water tightness under the worst riding conditions.
• A series of grips built into the interior, integrated into the supporting structure, allowing loads to be attached to both the lid and bottom of the case.