Grip Buddies Smart Skin OGB-BX

We hand-craft the best quality, most effective Neoprene Motorcycle Comfort Grips that money can buy. . . .at a price everyone can afford ! Each set of our comfort grips is American , Hand-made by us in upstate New York. We use only rigorously tested, top- quality components, resulting in a rugged, long- distance hand comfort solution for the serious motorcyclist, which allows the rider to enjoy his/ her bike to the fullest extent, and to maximize his/her personal comfort and safety.
Fits: Honda GL 1800 (2018+)

• Grips with “All-Weather” qualities. These grips do not absorb water!
• A product you can easily and Quickly Install Yourself, over the top of your stock grips!
• Grips that are “Heated-Grip-Compatible”. You really feel the heat with these babies!
• A durable, long-lasting solution that “Won’t Migrate" like some other available grip options.