Hertz SPL Show HP 6001 D-Class Mono Amplifier w/ Crossover

$1,250.00 $1,750.00
SKU: B-1305-HZ_HP_6001
Size: HP 6001
Color: Black
This amplifier is in NEW, NEVER USED, WORKING condition just re-boxed due to original box was damaged in transit.

HP 6001 is the most powerful spl car audio amplifier within the SPL Show line. The overbuilt power supply stage and the D Class output stage featuring 12 Mosfets provide the ability to deliver up to 6000W power. The wide array of possible setups, with by-passable Lo-Pass filter (24 dB/Oct. slope), subsonic filter, phase control and remote volume control, make HP 6001 an extremely powerful amplifier, perfect for SPL applications. Thanks to the Chain Mode function, to cascade a second amplifier into a single load, a devastating amount of power up to 12000W can be achieved with record SPL levels.