Hertz ST 35A NEO High Efficiency Compression Driver

Size: Tweeter Only
Color: Black
NEO line bullet tweeters are a totally new project, lighter and more compact compared to the previous ST 35 and with superior performance thanks to the use of Neodymium N38 H for the motor units and a FEM (Finite Element Method) optimized driver/horn design. The “Active” version, ST 35A Neo provides tweeter only.

1. Powerful Neodymium magnet providing high performance with compact size.
2. FEM (Finite Element Method) optimized phase-plug and loading horn.
3. CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminium Ribbon) voice coil for unheard-of thermal and mechanical capability ready for an easy replacement with replacement body kit.
4. Extra-light aluminium membrane to maximize SPL with high current, screw terminals.
5. Body waterproofing and anti-UV treatment to allow safe outdoor use without discoloration over time.
6. Aluminium back cover for superior heat dissipation.
7. Impressive low frequency extension and efficiency.