Klim Edge Goggle

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The Edge Goggle delivers maximum field of view, undistorted optical perfection and tireless fog resistance. This frameless design creates massive FOV, rewarding you with increased awareness and reduced fatigue. By injection molding the cylindrical, dual-pane lens we also achieve virtually perfect optical clarity. The multi-density frame comfortably seals out the elements and OTG-compatible frame cutouts accommodate your glasses if needed. The locking magnetic quick-release mechanism is intuitive and secure. The bottom line is the Edge Goggle is the sleekest, most functional snow goggle you can buy.

• Quick release magnetic + slide lock lens retention system
• 2-part frame: flexible inner frame for fit/seal, rigid outer frame
• Debossed nose area for sealing w/o restricting breathing
• Removable magnetic latching nose guard
• 103mm goggle height (incl. Nose guard)