REV'IT! Base Layers Thermic Motorcycle Pants

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The laws of thermodynamics dictate that heat will always move to colder areas. Well, not anymore, because with the Base Layer Thermic Motorcycle Pants, we’re fighting physics with physics.

Engineered with hypoallergenic Dryarn® fabric in very specific, strategically placed knitting patterns, our R&D team managed to create a base layer pant that actively insulates body heat. Meanwhile perspiration is wicked away, absorbed by the fabric, and allowed to evaporate away from the skin, preventing the moisture from conducting between the cold outside and the heat inside. Even the elasticated waistband and bottom hems are designed so the base layer comfortably wraps around waist and ankles, preventing heat from escaping.

Much more than just underwear
By efficiently trapping body heat, these pants reduce the energy and calories needed to maintain your body temperature. stay warm and conserve your energy with the REV'IT! Base Layer Thermic Motorcycle Pants.