REV'IT! Men's Control Race One Piece Motorcycle Suit

SKU: 8700001381550
Zip into the Control one piece and get ready to take on your next track session with confidence. A byproduct of our learnings through our MotoGP riders and their suits, we bring you an airbag-prepared suit that excels in design and safety.

What meets the eyes
If you know our Sport lineup of products, you’ll know the emphasis on graphics is paramount. However, we’ve taken a step in a different direction here. We wanted to create a track-ready one-piece that uses ergonomic flowing graphics that play with scale. What does that mean? From a distance, the product shows a gradient type of effect, emphasising the depth and layers, yet up close, the graphics show flowing diamond shapes merging into fast lines to show speed. This is best illustrated with the print on backside of sleeve that follows the flow of the body.