REV'IT! Tornado 4 H2O Adventure Touring Motorcycle Pants

SKU: 8700001387255
The Tornado 4 H2O Motorcycle Pants offer multi-season functionality, making them the perfect complement to the Tornado 4 H2O Motorcycle jacket. These Pants provide essential features for tour riders: ventilation, waterproofing, and a high-level protection, all in an adventure-ready design.

Customizable for any ride, the detachable thermal and waterproof liners can be removed to let the fully ventilated mesh panels on the legs keep you cool. When it gets cold or rainy, reattach the liners for comfort and protection.

Laminated reflection on the calves and upper legs enhances visibility in low light, while the grip panel at the seat helps prevent unnecessarily sliding around when conditions get slippery. The mesh and ripstop materials contribute to the Tornado 4 H2O Motorcycle Pants' CE AA certification, ensuring safety and durability.

The Tornado 4 H2O Motorcycle Pants are designed to keep you comfortable and protected, no matter the weather.