Sena Tufftalk-01 Earmuff Bluetooth Communication and Intercom Headset

Size: One Size
Color: Black
Talk with up to 4 Tufftalk over ear headsets via Bluetooth 4.1 intercom up to 1.4 km away, speaking openly and without interruption in crystal-clear HD audio. Even in noisy environments, Sena’s Advanced Noise Control™ feature ensures that external noises won’t interfere with incoming and outgoing audio.
Tufftalk Bluetooth earmuffs help to dull loud, distracting noises for optimum comfort as well as protecting from permanent hearing damage. Tufftalk is the ideal solution for noisy work environments; however, important external sounds can still be amplified using Ambient Mode.
The Tufftalk industrial earmuffs can be used for up to 15 hours of talk time with the included Lithium Ion rechargeable battery or 12 hours of talk time using 3 x AAA batteries. Equipped with VOX for Phone and Intercom, the voice activation makes answering calls or communicating via intercom simple.