Tobe Ferox Merino Sock

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Ferox and Ovis Merino Wool socks are your perfect choice for backcountry adventures. The exclusive merino wool blend will feel light on your skin, keeping your feet dry and warm. Thanks to the targeted ventilation zones, these socks will move away sweat quickly and let your feet evaporate fast so your feet will stay comfortably dry. Ferox Merino Wool socks are padded from heel to toe, which allows greater support for your feet, minimizing chafing and preventing blisters, while giving an extra protection from the cold underneath. Ovis Merino Wool socks are used for maximum warmth, often as a second layer but works just as good as a base layer when you do not require double socks. Ovis Merino sock has full terry inside for maximum warmth, comfort and durability.

• 80% Merino Wool
• Terry from heel to toe in Ferox
• Stretch knitting
• Ventilation zones